Trustpilot Data Processing Agreement

Your personal data passed on to data publishersWe pass on your personal data to selected third parties (including trustpilot subsidiaries and other Trustpilot group companies) who provide us with a variety of different services that support the technical operation of our platform and the provision of our services (“Data Processing”). These third parties are data publishers for personal data for which we are responsible for processing. We have data processing agreements with data publishers, and it is clear from these agreements that they must act exclusively in accordance with our instructions. By accepting this directive, you are allowing us to order data publishers to process the data in accordance with this directive and for the purposes of using the platform. The personal data we process is first collected directly by you when you specify your data to create an account with us or to interact with our platform, for example. B by leaving comments or posting responses to reviews. You can opt out at any time of any practice that may lead to the sale of your personal data. To manage your privacy settings and disable the sale of your personal data, please use the features provided to unseal you on our dedicated Do Not Sell My Info website. You can also contact us by email ( or email via the contact details below.

You have the right to object to the processing of your personal data or to ask us to restrict the treatment. For more information, see “Your Rights” below. These terms of use (hereafter referred to as “Terms of Use”) apply to any use of the Trustpilot website (hereafter referred to as “Website”), including – but not limited to – The RGPD expands the rights of individuals and gives them greater control over their personal data. Our commitment to data security and data protection means that we have made changes to meet the requirements of a new European Data Protection Act, which came into force on 25 May 2018. Guidelines: When you access or use our services, you agree to comply with and comply with our guidelines, guidelines and codes for, which are intended for businesses and any business (and all other guidelines covered under these conditions) (“Guidelines”). Please read them and make sure you understand what you need to do and what you shouldn`t do. These guidelines are very important because they describe, among other things, how you should use our services (not).

Much of this will be common sense and we will ensure that our platform is a fair and trustworthy place for consumer assessment. Your personal data about the services you connect to your Trustpilot accountIf you connect your Trustpilot account to your profile on your social network, the information and ratings you provide, and the data we`ve collected about your use of the platform (for example. B the number of comments you have written) will be shared and displayed with your profile on the social network and will be subject to the privacy policy. For more information on data protection, visit our Support Centre. If you have received invitations to write reviews on Trustpilot from companies that use our services or by us on their behalf, these companies are responsible for these invitations and all associated personal data. If you have any questions about these invitations or would like to exercise your rights to the data used in this context, please contact the companies concerned directly, as we cannot help them. Before hiring a data publisher to act on behalf of us or our customers, we conduct checks to ensure that their level of security meets our high standards.